it’s the Joyners v the moles
kayla plants

Gardening is not our thing…..But today three of the Joyner family went to one of our favorite places on the planet – seriously! – the North Carolina Farmers Market – where we picked up some sweet potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries, and sausages.

the other  white meat

We even met this fun guy…. It was a good reminder that our food once had a face….  pig face

farming for novices

While there, we decided to – yes, right then and there – to become subsistence farmers.  Kayla picked out three different types of sweet potato plants and a six-pack of pepper plants. Oscar picked out the tomato plants – BEEFMASTER.  No sissy Roma tomatoes for this manly man!

Our new vegetable babies are now safely planted in the ground surrounding our back patio, interspersed with begonias and impatiens. It was tough work, but you can see from the pictures that I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty!  However, I have “people” to do the manual labor for me. me helping plant

This will be my experiment for the summer.  Growing vegetables may not seem like rocket science to most people, but for us, well, this will be a contest.



the enemy

It’s the Joyners against….the voles.


The enemy!

We (and by we, I mean Oscar) have tried all manner of weapons against the enemy. We have besieged their illegal domiciles with poisonous smoke sticks, sprinkled their mounds with lethal pellets, and dusted our entire yard with grub killing poison, all in vain…Two of my rose bushes were victims to these harmless-looking little demons so I am justifiably nervous for our vulnerable little newby plants.


the solution?

Please share your ideas here if you know how to save our plants and destroy our enemy.  This is war, and I’m determined to win!

Tip…Beware of googling dynamite.  Other less explosive options will be considered.




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