oscar and lisa mountains

My husband and the father of my children!

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I am Lisa Joyner. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a very fortunate wife, a grateful mom to two grown children, a special education teacher, and a two-time cancer survivor.


All time favorite family picture – check out Kayla in the back. She’s the only one who heard, “Let’s make this a crazy picture.” HAHA!!


Chocolate – one of the proofs of a Creator God who loves us.  Gigi’s Cupcakes


LIKES: dogs, travel, cooking, original restaurants, reading (historical fiction, mysteries and biographies), romantic movies, colorful office supplies, white sandy beaches, warm weather, gracious people, and chocolate.

DISLIKES: cats, camping (never tried it either), boring restaurants, horror movies, fine point black pens, getting dirty, cold weather, mean people, and broccoli.

I plan to share my experiences with thriving and surviving cancer, topics relating to special education (and education in general), and random thoughts about everything from the serious to the ridiculous.




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