PowerPoint Presentations for Educator Training:

ADHD: It’s a reason, not an excuse.  A training presentation for educators. ADHD-Its-a-reason-not-an-excuse

Autism.  A training presentation for educators.  autism-and-aspergers-syndrome

Catch’em Up on Grammar.  A training presentation for teaching grammar, parts of speech, sentence patterns, independent and dependent clauses, verbals, etc…Catch ‘em Up on Grammar – with animation

A Biblical Philosophy of Christian Education biblical_philosophy_of_christian_education

Specialized Learning Center – Friendship Christian School – A presentation to describe the special education program at FCS for addressing the needs of children with learning disabilities and intellectual deficits.  specialized-learning-center

Learning Disabilities – A training presentation for educators. Learning Disabilities 2017 for ODACS

Learning Styles – It’s important (and fun!) to understand the different learning styles that God has gifted each of us with.  We are all born with a preferred method for processing and expressing our learning. However, we shouldn’t stop with learning in only our desired learning style.  We need to become proficient in teaching our students to develop ALL of their abilities to process information, regardless of their natural bent toward one style over the other.  We can do this by using a variety of teaching strategies that address each learning style. Learning-Styles

Response to Intervention – Procedures for getting testing done through the public schools. Response to Intervention.ppt

Special Education in the Christian School – An explanation of how special education can work in a Christian School. Special Education in Christian Schools

Wake County Public Schools – Resources for Private Schools – Resources for private schools and parents to use in order to get testing and other resources for children enrolled in private schools.http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1593309&backurl=/shelf/my

Forms for Christian Schools to Use to Address the Needs of Children with Special Needs

isp-master – This is an official Independent Student Plan for Christian schools to document the student’s accommodations/modifications, diploma track, enrollment in resource classes.  This is in place of the public school’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) which is legally binding.

isp-at-a-glance – Use this form to give to the student’s general classroom teachers.

arcs – This chart is designed to help explain the results of a student’s educational evaluations and determine the presence of a learning disability.

assessment-form-with-observations – Use this form for an informal assessment of a student with a suspected learning disability – more appropriate for elementary aged students.

student-observation-record – Use this form to record observations about the student’s performance in a classroom setting – only a snapshot of a child’s day in class.  Can be conducted in as few as 30-45 minutes.  More than one teacher/administrator should complete an observation, and in more than one setting.

Psychological/Educational Testing Recommendations for Providers – Private and Public  testing-and-evaluation-providers



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