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Month March 2016

Traditions – Necessary or Overrated?

I think we have a pretty tight, loving, loyal family.  In fact, I KNOW we do!  But even knowing this, I still question whether or not I am “doing it right” when I see what other mothers are posting on… Continue Reading →

Doing the Hard Things…Sincerely, A Quitter

By Erica Baldwin 38-year-old mom of one human person and one fur baby, wife, and chronic illness survivor. Living isn’t for the faint of heart! My life as a quitter I have a (not-so-surprising) confession: I have zero endurance. I… Continue Reading →

Lisa Gets the Flu

The flu I avoided it as long as I could, but I could not hold my own against one sneaky flu germ.  I thought I had protected myself well enough with hand sanitizer, soap and water, and hundreds of Lysol… Continue Reading →

Parenting with the Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Steal

The Memory Dump I teach a Bible class to foreign exchange students, and last month I went through the Ten Commandments.  In the middle of my explanation of the Eighth Commandment, my mind pulled out a memory from about 45… Continue Reading →

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