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Doing the Hard Things…Sincerely, A Quitter

By Erica Baldwin 38-year-old mom of one human person and one fur baby, wife, and chronic illness survivor. Living isn’t for the faint of heart! My life as a quitter I have a (not-so-surprising) confession: I have zero endurance. I… Continue Reading →

Lisa Gets the Flu

The flu I avoided it as long as I could, but I could not hold my own against one sneaky flu germ.  I thought I had protected myself well enough with hand sanitizer, soap and water, and hundreds of Lysol… Continue Reading →

Invisible Learning Disabilities

Children come in all shapes and sizes, colors and shades, abilities and disabilities.  Some of their differences are visible at first glance, but their most important differences are under the surface, hidden from view. What kinds of disabilities are obvious?… Continue Reading →

Don’t Say That! What-Not-To-Say When You Don’t Know What to Say.

What to say to someone with cancer?  Actually, you don’t have to say anything at all!  Ever considered that?  Smiles, prayers, flowers, Edible Arrangements!! (my personal favorite!) are always appreciated.  But words….words are tricky.  Use with care. Have you ever… Continue Reading →

How to Help Your Friend Survive Her Fight Against Cancer

On Friday, February 3, 2012, I waited anxiously all day for “the call” from my doctor to give me the results of the biopsy I had had on Wednesday.  I was hoping to hear something during the day on Friday, but dreading… Continue Reading →

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