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Teacher’s Convention 2016

Myrtle Beach 2016 This past week, I was able to attend the annual teacher’s convention in Myrtle Beach with my colleagues. The last time our school went to Myrtle Beach for the Southeast Christian School Association, I had just been diagnosed with a… Continue Reading →

One Size Does NOT Fit All! Differentiating Education: Including Special Needs Children in the Regular Classroom

Differentiated education is a relatively new term for a style of teaching that describes instruction that includes a variety of methods for teaching and accessing all learners. Every year teachers are presented with a new classroom full of students. Some… Continue Reading →

ADHD – It’s a Reason, Not an Excuse


Invisible Learning Disabilities

Children come in all shapes and sizes, colors and shades, abilities and disabilities.  Some of their differences are visible at first glance, but their most important differences are under the surface, hidden from view. What kinds of disabilities are obvious?… Continue Reading →

Not What I Had in Mind – How I Ended Up in Special Education

Nineteen years is a long time!  I had to use both hands – twice! – to count up the number of years that I have been teaching.  The fact that I’m a teacher at all is a surprise to me!… Continue Reading →

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